February Events

Calling all swimmers!!  We have 2 meets coming up in February. All Island Invitational Hagatna (Long Course) on February 12, 2011 Neptune Swim Team has responsibility to set up for the meet. I need volunteers to help set up at 6 pm on Friday the 11th.  It only takes ......... more »

All Island Invitational Short Course Meet Results – 1/29/11

This past weekend's meet was a big success for our swimmers.  We had many new "personal bests" and a few top 3 age group finishers!! If you would like to see your individual times, go to http://www.guamswimming.org/results.htm......... more »

Develop Swimming Skills and Physical Fitness

Team members develop swimming technique, speed, and endurance through intelligent training and a fun atmosphere. In addition to swimming skills our members develop high quality aerobic endurance, flexibility, coordination, and muscle strength.

Educate about Wellness

The team places strong emphasis on educating members about how to eat right, what good nutrition is and the importance of physical activity and the principles of exercise science. This combined with developing physical fitness builds a rock solid foundation for a lifetime of good health.

Develop Character and Life Skills

The team fosters in its members self-discipline, intrinsic motivation, self-confidence, responsibility, time management skills, perseverance, good sportsmanship, an attitude of equality and fairness, and an ability to work in a team. Swimmers learn to strive for excellence, and to face challenges with courage.

Develop Excellent Coaches

We place strong emphasis on developing coaches through team subsidized coaching certifications with the aim of creating excellent coaches for our team and our island. The Neptune Swim Team develops a coaching team as well as a swim team.